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About SMB Tactics

SMB Tactics came to be as a collaborative effort ​from a couple of friends that had successful careers working together for over 10 years.  We were sales leaders in a the yellow page industry.  We have a wealth of knowledge in working with customers from every industry.  

The lessons that we kept near and dear to our success, was customer support.  Working for the top yellow page publisher in the United States had its pros and cons.  The pros were the history that the AT&T brand carried.  Our team became the leaders in the migration from the old traditional print yellow pages to the on-line digital future, including website development and marketing. The cons of working for such a large corporate environment was the in ability to deliver on a time frame that was realistic to our customers.  Everything was compartmentalized and difficult to satisfy our customers expectations and goals. 


Our team felt with our knowledge and work ethics, we can continue to help the small to medium sized business owners be successful.  It is our goal in giving business owners the ability to focus on leading their business and letting us handle their marketing and lead generation.  We approach every customer as an extension of our team.  Together we succeed!

Our Process

Our team understands that every business is started with a passion behind it.  We know that every customer has their specific niche that makes them unique.  Whether it is from the industry you service or the services you want to deliver.  Our job is to help you been seen for those specific qualities.  Contact us today for your free consultation.


Next step is to design your digital footprint that matches your business uniqueness.


Our customer service approach is what has helped us continue to grow our customer base.  We stand behind our success.


We need to understand what your business goals are so we determine if we can achieve your expectations.

The Finishing

We understand it is all the minor details that make the biggest difference, and that is where we thrive.  We focus on every detail.


Our Quality Guarantee

On behalf of my partners and I, we promise that our honesty will always be our priority.  We help keep our customers expectations in mind with our daily routine and a strong desire to help them be successful.  

I joke with my former colleagues that I am semi retired.  What I really mean is that I only take on work that I know I can be successful at.  I live by two fundamentals in life:

If you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life.

Attitude is everything!

This company is my full time focus and allows me the ability to make bold promises.  My wife and I have 4 children and a new grand daughter and I believe in a happy balance between work and life.  

Paul J Schuk - Managing Director

Let us help you grow your business.
Tell us about your goals today.

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